It has become highly essential to use a PHP MVC framework to develop custom web applications and there are many frameworks for developers to choose the right one based on the work and the requirements. Two such popular frameworks are Laravel and CodeIgniter, and we have seen one of the most debated topics in recent years that is Laravel vs CodeIgniter.

MVC (Model-View-Controller) is an architectural pattern used to break down an app into three fundamental parts: data (Model), an interface to view and modify data (View), and operations that can be performed on the data (Controller).

Laravel is a free, open-source, that follows MVC  structure which makes it easy to learn and rapidly prototype the web applications. Laravel takes the pain out of web application development by providing built-in features like authentication, mail, routing, sessions, and the list goes on.


Features of Laravel

  • Modular packaging
  • Seamless integration with third-party libraries
  • Authentication, as well as caching mechanisms, are built-in
  • The blade-templating engine is easy to use


CodeIgniter is a free, open-source, easy-to-use, object-oriented PHP web application framework, providing a ready-to-use library to use with your own PHP applications.


Features of CodeIgniter

  • Light framework
  • Session management
  • Paging and data encryption support
  • URLs are search engine-friendly


Some of the key differences between Laravel and CodeIgniter

  • The database model of Laravel is Relational Object-Oriented and the database model of CodeIgniter is Object-Oriented programming.
  • The RESTful Controllers in Laravel allow developers to manufacture a variety of REST APIs whereas in CodeIgniter it does not support the streamlined development of REST APIs.
  • Laravel has an inbuilt Unit testing tool while Codeigniter doesn’t have an inbuilt Unit testing tool.
  • Laravel is designed with in-built modularity features that allow developers to segregate a project into small modules whereas CodeIgniter does not provide any built-in modularity features and the developers should create and manage modules using extensions.
  • Codeigniter is easy to learn for beginners, on the other hand, Laravel offers many additional features that are difficult to learn for beginners.


So if you need to select between Laravel or CodeIgniter then the fact remains that both of them are excellent PHP frameworks with their set of benefits and advantages and it also depends upon your project and its requirements. Developers describe CodeIgniter as “A Fully Baked PHP Framework” and Laravel is detailed as “A PHP Framework For Web Artisans”.  In my opinion, Laravel is a better framework than CodeIgniter majorly due to the coding pattern which is the most favored for its elegant look. Along with this, the framework’s many advanced features, with which you can easily create a high-quality web app.

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