Native App Vs Web App Vs Hybrid App

What is a Mobile App?

Mobile App is a software application, specifically designed to run on small screen devices like mobile phones or tablets.

What are different types of Mobile Apps:-

When it comes to Mobile App Development, there are basically 3 kinds of App to choose from:-

  1. Native Apps
  2. Web Apps
  3. Hybrid Apps

Native Apps: Native Apps as the name suggests, these kinds of Apps are exclusively developed for a Single Mobile Operating System,  that’s why they are called Native. For Eg: Apps developed for Android device can’t be used on Windows, iOS or any other device.

What are the main advantages of Native Apps:-

  • They are really fast ( Well it all depends on the device hardware, how fast it is )
  • They have access to wide range of API, with no limitation. For eg: A Native App can access Mobile’s dialer to make calls, Mobile’s Calender to schedule appointments, Mobile Cameras to take pictures..  etc.
  • They don’t require Internet Connection to run the app.
  • Once they are approved and listed on their Respective App store, they can get huge marketing benefits such as increasing number of downloads, in-app advertisements to monetize your app.

What are the Cons of Native App :

  • High Development Cost: Native apps are more expensive to develop. They’re more complex and require multiple code bases that need to be maintained by developers.
  • Time: It Requires more time to develop a Native App
  • Usage: The Same App can’t be used on multiple platforms.


WebApps: These are Similar to native apps but they use mobile’s web browser to run and are usually written in HTML5, JavaScript or CSS. These apps redirect a user to URL and offer “install” option by simply creating a bookmark to their page.
Therefore, a user can access a web app from any device, irrespective of their platform.

What are the advantages of Web Apps:-

  • Low Development Cost
  • Can be used on Multiple Platforms
  • Require less device memory
  • Require less effort to develop a web app.
  • They don’t need an app store for a launch

What are the Cons of Web Apps:-

  • Can’t be used in offline mode.. i.e strictly Internet-dependent
  • Can’t use all device’s API, Only some of device APIs may be used (such as geolocation)


Hybrid Apps :

As the name suggests,  they are the combination of both Native and Web Apps.  Hybrid Apps are mainly website applications disguised in a native wrapper.

What are the advantages of Hybrid Apps:-

  • They can be used on Multiple Platform
  • Low development Cost, in Comparison with Native App.
  • Widely used APIs, like gyroscope, accelerometer, geolocation are available for use.
  • Can be launched on App stores and can enjoy respective App store’s benefits.

What are the Cons of Hybrid Apps:

  • They are slower than Native Apps
  • They lack in performance when compared to native apps.
  • Require high skills to build Hybrid Apps
Native App Vs Web App Vs Hybrid App
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