FACEBOOK has started rolling out a brand new desktop redesign

Social media giant Facebook has started rolling out a new, redesigned User Interface (UI), with the option of switching to “Dark Mode” for high contrast social media browsing. 

How will you get it? : Unfortunately,  The redesign, which features a reworked layout including a new desktop UI for the user profile, public page, community groups, and video feeds, has been made available to users at random for testing and feedback.

The new Design is Simple, Faster, with bigger text and Yep ..if you are not a fan of Bright Colors than an option to switch to Dark Mode


Check out the Dark mode below

The messenger tab has also been extensively reworked and now features bubbles and notification alerts similar to the Messenger app, while the shortcuts, search and fine print options have moved to the extremities. Multiple message windows on the desktop view are no longer a thing — users will need to minimize each window before opening or replying to another.


Facebook pages now have an option … to check your Page as a visitor point of view …

This is how our page looks like to a visitor

Along with the design updates comes a few functionality additions as well, such as a much-needed “Undo” option that appears and winds down after the user shares a post. While the option of removing embarrassing or compromising messages on Messenger threads was a welcome addition in the recent past, the undo option for post shares is a novel feature.

There is no news on what the mobile app looks like or when Facebook will be rolling out the update and force users to switch to the new layout.

FACEBOOK has started rolling out a brand new desktop redesign
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