Virtual Reality : Beginning of a new era

Virtual Reality : Beginning of a new era


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Technology is evolving extraordinarily day-by-day at a fast pace. You must have noticed that the technology in your Hi-tech gadget is getting outdated in a very short span of time and new technology soon take their place.

We sure have come from a long way since the era of electronic gadgets started.  About 4000 years ago, humans invented the way for non-face-to-face communication – “The Smoke Signals“, and then about 2000 years ago, it was then replaced by “drums”, then around 1835Telegraph” the precursor of Internet was invented and then telegram which was the precursor of the email was invented. In 1876 Graham Bell invented the telephone and made it possible to communicate with each other via voice chat.  In 1994, the internet was introduced to the public, and who had thought it will evolve this much, that every human being is now very much dependent on it. There is so much evolution of technology in every field of Society. So now what’s next cooking in the market? Bamm! It’s a ‘virtual reality’ the technology taking reality to the new level.


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What is ‘Virtual Reality’?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses a software to generate life-like images, sounds and other sensations that give you a feel of a real environment. It shows users the environment like they are actually physically present , by enabling the user to interact with this space and any objects depicted therein using specialized display screens or projectors and other devices.
It is created using interactive software & hardware and is controlled by movement of the body. There are sensors attached to your hand or legs. There are sound systems and display monitors attached to your head which separates you from the real world.
This concept was initially stated in the science fictions. Wherever it is too dangerous, expensive or impractical to do something, in reality, virtual reality is the answer.

Why should we have virtual reality?

Why the development of this technology is worth an effort.??. When talking about VR, we probably think about games right ??. But application of VR isn’t just limited to gaming , It can also be used in several other fields like
Architecture and engineering :
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Till now we had the CAD and other 3D technologies to elaborate the designs of mega-structures, buildings, interior designing, infrastructure etc. But there was a limitation of the 2D computer screen or a paper. But now we can get the real life perspective through the virtual reality. Even one can make the designs easily.
Video games:
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The use of graphics, sound and input technology in video games can be put into VR. Top companies like PlayStation are releasing new headsets for sound effects and displays in VR.
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People are always fond of going to the actual game than watching it on TV. This VR set will give them the experience of watching sports in a modified and mind-blowing manner. Fox sports unveiled Fox Sports VR, a series of virtual reality broadcasts consisting mainly of Fox college football broadcasts, in September 2016.

Training and education:
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Taking education to whole new level, these VR gadgets can give a clear demonstration of a content to be taught. Trainees like pilots, doctors, designers, scientists can get benefit from these.

Demerits of VR:

As it has so many advantages, it has some demerits also :

Talking about the cost of the development of VR Software and Equipment used aren’t that cheap coz only a few people have knowledge about this technology also most equipment are not readily interchangeable with different hardware.
It needs hi-tech devices or speed can be a problem. Some people can experience symptoms similar to motion sickness, discomfort, headache, stomach awareness, nausea etc.
The technical issue can arise due to the speed of a computer. It needs compatible electric tools in it.
So, In this overall era of technology, we can say that this Virtual reality is going to bring a new era to the mankind. It is going to bring imaginary world closer and will become ideal for demonstrating the ideas.



Virtual Reality : Beginning of a new era
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