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What is Virtual Reality ?

Virtual Reality means creating an artificial environment, which appears to be real to the user – But it actually not. This computer-generated environment is so convincing, that user starts interacting the same way, that the user would feel in the real world.

Why is it so popular?

Well, with Virtual Reality, you can experience anything, anywhere, anytime. Imagine, what it would feel like to be in Space, Under Water or at the top of Mount Everest – With Virtual Reality, you can experience and feel the same thrill (as you are in space, underwater or at top of Everest).— Cool right?.

Virtual Reality (VR) is raising the bar in employee training and development in corporate organizations. VR technology plays a very important part of training for real-life activities. VR provides equal or nearly equal training to practice with real systems, but at a reduced cost, with greater safety, and at complete privacy. VR can be used for individual or group learning and development (L&D). It is also used for group virtual meetings.


Sectors using VR technology for training are military training (army, navy, and airforce), pilot training, medical training, corporate training, and many more. The military is adopting VR for training purposes from a long time ago, much earlier than commercial markets. VR training gives an advantage in training soldiers for combat situations or other dangerous settings, it can prepare a soldier in a safe virtual environment- without the risk of serious injuries or death. Pete Morrison, an executive at Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a company that helped develop the STE, explained “This would enable the Army to conduct virtual training and complex simulations anywhere on a virtual representation of the Earth.” According to Morrison, the goal of the VR technology in Virtual Reality military training is to simulate in preparing soldiers for the area’s terrain where they might battle someday.

Virtual Reality is increasingly being used in medical training to train medical students, new surgeons, and refresh the skills of the current medical professionals. Medical students are already taking a more hands-on approach to learning and understanding the human body and its systems, within the VR environment. They can also perform operations that can afford to make mistakes and learn from it through Virtual Reality medical training where there is no risk. Like learning any new skill, practices are critical to perfection. Doctors or surgeons can practice difficult surgeries they might not have performed before, with the help of VR setup by interacting with virtual patients, even if they make mistakes it doesn’t mean the difference between life and death like it is in their real work. Most importantly, they can practice in these virtual environments as often as needed to feel prepared and confident.

A number of companies including Walmart, AST, Porsche, Boeing, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and many more are exploring VR as a supplementary tool for corporate training. VR corporate training is focused on developing specific skills and gaining experience. Through Virtual Reality corporate training employees can learn, train, develop, explore, and make mistakes without any cost. It is a great way to prepare the employee for a specific situation to make the employee more familiar with it before they can try it out in real life. It also helps in developing an employee’s skill, getting rid of all the risks that come with mere inexperience.

Why do you need to learn Virtual Reality?

As you can see how Virtual Reality is becoming popular and growing more over the past decade. Virtual reality is our present and is our future. There is a huge demand of  Virtual Reality Professionals in the Market and demand will be more in coming years.

Virtual Reality (VR) Development Training

If you are someone who has always wanted to get started with Virtual Reality but never actually got up to it or someone who has the basic knowledge and wants to pursue further into it to build a career then this program is just what you need. If you are a beginner with no programming experience, no need to worry.  You don’t need any programming experience to get started.

We offer a wide range of courses that are designed and tailored to suit your needs and interest. Whether you are seeking a Virtual Reality course for beginners, or something more advanced, we will help you. You will learn the fundamentals of Virtual Reality technology including optics, displays, stereopsis, tracking, and major hardware platforms. You will learn the Virtual Reality development through project-based lessons and we will teach you everything you need to know to build your Virtual Reality applications.

Jobs For Virtual Reality Developer

With Virtual Reality constantly changing and improving, thousands of developers are making Virtual Reality applications and there are many popular companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon, Google, and many more looking for ideal Virtual Reality candidates. According to payscale the average salary for a Virtual Reality employee is $73,594. Ranges in salary depend on location and title. The salary will increase as you gain more experience.


Why Choose us?

  • Fully Wifi Campus.
  • Special Designed VR Course
  • Fully Occupied Lab by the latest technology.
  • weekend classes available for working peoples
  • 1:1 Education policy.
  • Individual or group project is compulsory in training duration.
  • Students projects will be reviewed & certified by our Industry Partners.
  • An opportunity to work on Live Project.
  • Internship Programs are also available.

Adaptabiz Technologies Pvt.Ltd has extensive experience in providing Virtual Reality development training in Noida. Our Virtual Reality development training courses make it easy for you to quickly learn Virtual Reality development and create amazing Virtual Reality experiences. We make sure by the end of the training, you will be confident in the knowledge covered and will be ready to implement them in your projects. When you take a Virtual Reality training course with Adaptabiz Technologies Pvt.Ltd, you benefit from our instructors who are also well experienced in Virtual Reality development, reaping the benefits of direct experience with an instructor rather than having to deal with hacking your way through tutorials on your own. Adaptabiz Technologies Pvt.Ltd Virtual Reality development training will be consistently high quality and professionalism. We make sure to get you ready to start work in Virtual Reality development in a real-world scenario with new techniques that will help you to build a custom application by yourself.

Feel Free to call us on :  +91- 99536-36109  or you can email us at  deepika@adaptabiz.com

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