Remote Staffing

Remote Staffing

Offshoring is about increasing business efficiency to grow faster. Save 50% on costs, or hire twice as many employees offshore.

There is a conventional way to hire employees. Run an advertisement, go through resumes, interview candidates and then make a decision. We match the best available skills to the urgent requirements and opportunities you have. Our staffing/remote staffing services help you become adaptable and dynamic. We staff in technology areas, solutions and expertise at all levels.

We provide you an affordable source of experienced programmers and allow you the flexibility of filling vacancies in your staff at your convenience and as per your requirements.

Your remote employee will work remotely from our offices located in New Delhi India. From a technical and productive standpoint, there is no difference between an engineer sitting 6000 miles away and the one sitting in the next cubicle in your office on local area network.

Services Features

Our efficient remote staffing services enable you to cost-effectively acquire the specialized high tech skills required by your business. Skilled staff can be provided to help you get your work done, whether for a short-term project with one staff member or a long-term engagement with an entire team.

Agile’s Remote Staffing can provide you with:
  • Substantial cost savings by hiring highly skilled professionals at half the rate
  • Staff working in your environment and works only and directly for you
  • Staff provided with a dedicated local number
  • Staff would follow your company’s procedures, project plans and deadlines
Agile can provide your company with well trained and qualified resources for:
  • Open Source development
  • ASP.NET development
  • Web and graphics design
  • iPhone apps development
Service model:

You get complete freedom to choose full time as well as part time remote employees.

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