Mixed Reality

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality as the name suggests is a mixture of two realities – Actual Reality and Virtual Reality. It is often known as Hybrid Reality. People often refer Augmented Reality as Mixed Reality, The aim of MR or Mixed Reality is to unite the best characteristic of virtual reality and AR. So mixed reality can include augmented reality, augmented virtuality, and other mixed alliances.

Applications of Mixed Reality :

  • IPCM – Interactive product content management
    Moving from static product catalogs to interactive 3D smart digital replicas. Solution consists of application software products with scalable license model.
  • SBL – Simulation-based learning
    Moving from e-learning to s-learning—state of the art in knowledge transfer for education. Simulation/VR based training, interactive experiential learning. Software and display solutions with scalable licensed curriculum development model.
  • Military training
    Combat reality is simulated and represented in complex layered data through HMD.
  • Real Asset Virtualization Environment (RAVE)
    3D Models of Manufacturing Assets (for example process manufacturing machinery) are incorporated into a virtual environment and then linked to real-time data associated with that asset.
  • Remote working:
    Mixed reality allows a global workforce of remote teams to work together and tackle an organization’s business challenges. No matter where they are physically located, an employee can strap on their headset and noise-canceling headphones and enter a collaborative, immersive virtual environment
  • Healthcare:
    Surgical and ultrasound simulations are used as a training exercise for healthcare professionals. Medical mannequins are brought to life to generate unlimited training scenarios and teach empathy to healthcare professionals
  • Aviation
    Virtual models are used to allowed scientists and engineers to interact with a possible future creation before it touches the factory floor. These models provide the opportunity to gain an intuitive understanding of the exact product, including real size and constructions details that allow a closer inspection of interior parts. These virtual models are also used to find hidden problems and reduce time and money.

Why learn Mixed Reality?
As mentioned above, there are limitless Applications of Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality is Our Present and is Our Future. Already there is a huge demand of Mixed Reality Professionals in the Market and demand will be more in coming years.

Why Choose us?

  • Fully Wifi Campus.
  • Fully Occupied Lab by the latest technology.
  • weekend classes available for working peoples
  • 1:1 Education policy.
  • Individual or group project is compulsory in training duration.
  • Students projects will be reviewed & certified by our Industry Partners.
  • An opportunity to work on Live Project.
  • Internship Programs are also available.


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