Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo, Branding & Identity Design

Logo design should capture the essence of your business and should be uniquely tailored to compliment your company’s product or service. A quality logo is a necessity for any business that wants to make a statement, which is the first step towards creating solid brand recognition.

Beyond a logo mark is the process of building the brand identity. The brand identity is the sum of all the visual components that position your brand consistently and with regularity. For example, a color scheme, a series of graphical elements and icons, imagery, type styles, treatments, spacing and sizing, and the way your marketing materials fit and flow, together create a unique signature of your company, or product, or service to your marketplace.

Your positioning and name must be defensible. Defining what you stand for in a succinct name, message, slogan and positioning statement is the clearest expression of the brand. Positioning is all about occupying the highest rung on the ladder in your customers’ mind with respect to your brand category. It is possible to build a brand without even trying to, so the question becomes, isn’t it vital that you manage your logo, positioning and brand identity so that you can manage your customer’s perceptions too?

Your brand impacts buying decisions, exposure, lead generation, sales, profitability, business net worth, and ultimately your return-on-investment (ROI).

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