E-Commerce Solutions

As said by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) ,Average online purchases in India are expected to increase by 78 percent this year on the back of attractive deals and aggressive marketing of merchandise

As web applications and internet technology become more pervasive, more and more customers are demanding the option to purchase online. As a result, many of our Clients are either working to or have already implemented an enterprise level e-commerce system to provide a seamless extension of their existing sales and fulfillment systems. Typical requirements include one or more of the following:

  • Secure integrated payment processing
  • Intelligent product categories and subcategories
  • Price-breaks, customer specific pricing
  • Immersive, intuitive presentation and navigation
  • Integrated taxes, shipping, and order status system
  • Automated account creation, and e-mail notification systems
  • Securely integrating and updating internal inventory level and price data

Our development team offers a full range of comprehensive e-commerce solutions for companies that require online transaction processing such as ordering, fulfillment, invoicing, and payments. We develop an integrated solution that allows your customers get what they need in a convenient and secure manner. Core e-commerce features that we can implement include the following:

  • Inventory (retention of quantity in stock or in-stock/out of stock flag)
  • Shop by Brand
  • Merchant Account
  • Cart Login & Password
  • Cross-promotion of Products
  • Buyer Feedback
  • Retain Credit Card Information per Shopper
  • One-click Purchase
  • Best Selling Items (highest selling product over the past week/month)
  • Shopper Profiling (past purchases)
  • Backorder
  • Comprehensive Tracking System
  • Tie-in with Shipping Company Rates
  • Product Reviews
  • Ability to Edit Shoppers Personal Information
  • Shopper Purchase History Report
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