Introduction to SQL Joins

SQL is an abbreviation for a Structured Query Language and pronounced either see-kwell or as separate letters. The spread of dynamic websites on the World Wide Web today is largely due to the possibility for their content to be handled through databases. Database management is a complicated process, which has been considerably rationalized by the […]

IoT in Transportation

For most of the things in our lives, we depend on transportation, either it’s about taking us to our work five days a week or travel the corners of the world. The transportation industry has changed and improved in many ways since the Grand Trunk Road was built. With the latest technologies keep on getting […]

IoT for Healthcare

Over the years, the use of technology in the healthcare industry has been rapidly growing providing the industry to be more efficient, cost-effective, and better patient outcomes. With the introduction of IoT, the healthcare industry is looking at more safer and productive- with remote monitoring and telemonitoring as main applications in the broader scope of […]

IoT in Manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how organizations in different industries including manufacturing companies are doing business, decades ago, the idea of embedding sensors and chips into physical objects would sound like something next to impossible- thanks to the Internet of Things to make it real. With stronger demands for customization, increasing customer expectations, the […]

IoT for Retail

Over the years the Internet of Things(IoT) in retail has been radically changing the industry. The Internet of Things which was a futuristic buzzword is turning into a reality breaking the wall between brand, product, and customer. IoT technology is being implemented for a wide range of uses, allowing managers to establish insights on customer […]

How to Reset password in Django

Django Reset Password The Django framework comes with support for resetting user passwords. This is implemented for the Admin app, but it is possible to re-use from your own screens.   Requirements password_reset_form: Form where the user submits the email address. password_reset_email: Send a message containing the reset password address to the user’s mailbox. Email […]

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