Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augment means to add something or to enhance something …so as the name suggests Augmented reality ( AR) means to add or enhance something to the reality via adding graphics, sounds and touch feedback to the current real world /environment.

But What about Virtual reality?  Are Virtual Reality and Augmented reality, Same ?? 

Well, one of the biggest misconceptions among people is that both VR and AR are Same. Well, it’s not.

So Whats the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

In Virtual Reality, the user requires inhabiting completely a virtual environment, everything is virtual here including the environment whereas, in Augmented Reality, the existing environment is used and is being enhanced by adding virtual information to it.  Both Virtual and real world co-exists harmoniously, because of which user experience a better and enhanced version of current reality.

Well in more simpler words in virtual reality, you simply got into another world where nothing is real whereas in augmented reality, you are in the same world and virtual things are added to that world.

Types of  Augmented Reality  

Marker Based Augmented Reality also known as Image Recognition: In this, a camera and some type of visual markers, such as a QR/2D code are used to produce a result only when the marker is sensed by a reader. For eg: Web.Whatsapp, Paytm. Marker-based applications use a camera on the device to distinguish a marker from any other real-world object. Distinct, but simple patterns (such as a QR code) are used as the markers because they can be easily recognized and do not require a lot of processing power to read. The position and orientation are also calculated, in which some type of content and/or information has then overlayed the marker. 

Markerless Augmented Reality: Markerless Augmented Reality term is used where an application doesn’t require any pre-knowledge of user’s environment to put virtual information on it. Markerless (also called location-based, position-based, or GPS) augmented reality, uses a GPS, digital compass, velocity meter, or accelerometer which is embedded in the device to provide data based on your location. Most common application of this Markerless AR is finding business nearby and mapping directions and other location-based mobile applications.

Projection-Based Augmented Reality: As the name suggests it project digital images or 3d objects into the real world. Users can interact with these images /objects via touch or any other medium.Application of projection-based augmented reality utilizes laser plasma technology to project a three-dimensional (3D) interactive hologram in mid-air.

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality: Superimposition based AR also uses object recognition in order to replace an entire object or a part of it with an augmented view.  In superimposition based augmented reality, object recognition plays a vital role because the application cannot replace the original view with an augmented one if it cannot determine what the object is. An example of superimposition based augmented reality could be found in the Ikea augmented reality furniture catalog. By downloading an app and scanning selected pages in their printed or digital catalog, users can place virtual Ikea furniture in their own home with the help of augmented reality.

How Does Augmented Reality Work?

In most augmented reality applications, a user will see both synthetic and natural light. This is done by overlaying projected images on top of a pair of see-through goggles or glasses, which allow the images and interactive virtual objects to layer on top of the user’s view of the real world. Augmented Reality devices are often self-contained, meaning that unlike the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headsets, they are completely untethered and do not need a cable or desktop computer to function.

Applications of Augmented reality are limitless and can be as simple as a text notification, dialing a number or as complicated as helping doctors in complicated surgeries.

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