Things to do During this Self Quarantine or Self Isolation

Hello guys, as we all know,  WHO has already announced, Coronavirus outbreak as an Emergency across the whole world, and all the Respective Governments have already started taking preventive measures to stop this Outbreak. But the best way to stop this outbreak is to avoid Social Contact / Gathering as much as possible.  But Staying at Home can be very boring — right ?.   So here are the few things, which you can do during this period of Self Quarantine / Self Isolation.

BTW Do you know ?

Sir Issac Newton and William Shakespeare (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

When the Bubonic plague forced London theaters to close in the early 17th century. Public playhouses had to shut down. That’s when William Shakespeare was quarantined and during this time he wrote King Lear.  Also, The Great Plague, lasting from 1665 to 1666, was the last major epidemic of the Bubonic plague to occur in England. Classes at Cambridge University were canceled, so Newton retreated to his family estate roughly 60 miles away to continue his studies there. It was during this time, confined in his home, that Newton made some of his greatest discoveries, including gravity.

Well Obviously, we are not telling you to do some great discoveries or Write King Lear, but to do something productive while having a little bit of Entertainment during this Outbreak.

So here are the few things you can certainly try During this Self Quarantine or Self Isolation Period.

1) Learn a new programming language:

As we all know, In today’s world, when technology is so advanced, the most important skill a person should have is to know how to write a computer program. So if you are from IT field or have basic computer knowledge, why not expand your Horizons, during this period of Self Isolation / Quarantine. Here is a list of the best programming languages to learn.

2) Game ON:

Well if you are a gamer, this is probably the best time to wake up your inner gamer and compete with your Gamer friends. From Pubg to Dota, NFS to Devil May Cry there are lots of games to try ;).

Also if you have a VR headset, you can add playing BEAT SABER to Home Workout list / Cardio list as it can help you in a Quick Cardio or if play it regularly, you can even lose weight

3)Explore the World with Virtual Reality: 

In a situation like this when you can’t step outside, Virtual Reality is your best companion. With the help of Virtual Reality, you can explore favorite Destination Virtually :). You can also try Some Amazing Games like :

4) Workout from Home:- 

Well you can’t go to the GYM, but you can Certainly do Workout at Home. Check out  There are Various Workout listed here … which are Super Effective and don’t require any equipment.

5) Let’s Do Some Cooking Shooking:-

Well obviously, you have a hell lot of time… so why not utilize this time by learning a new skill such as cooking? or if you are already good at it … why not try learning a new recipe? ;). There are Various Youtube Channel from where you can learn exciting new recipes.

6) Put On Your Dancing Shoes:-

  Well Anybody can dance,  So put on your dancing shoes, blast off your favorite track and just dance. It will not only keep your mood fresh but will also keep you fit :).  You can also try adding Zumba to the list, and if you don’t know how to do it … then there are various tutorials available on youtube.

7) Netflix, Prime Video & Chill:

Grab all your favorite Snacks and Catch up on three, four, or more great shows that your friends have highly recommended or check out this list. Or You can always Re-watch all-time classics series like Friends, Prison Break 🙂

Things to do During this Self Quarantine or Self Isolation
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